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James Corden and Reggie Watts made a delightfully silly Us parody

What’s more terrifying: learning you have a creepy doppelgänger in red coveralls who follows you around, or that the creepy doppelgänger is better at your job than you are? The latter, obviously.James Corden gets a little taste of both in his delightfully goofy parody of Jordan Peele’s Us, titled We—because, you know, copyright issues.


The Late Late Show host loves a good movie parody—remember when he worked for the IT department?—so, rightfully, Corden and Reggie Watts decided to spoof Peele’s latest record-smashing horror hit. In it, Corden and Watts have a few wild discoveries: one, that the Luniz song that’s still stuck in your head since seeing Us is actually about pizza toppings and not weed (not true, but we’ll take it); and two, that they’ve both got freaky doppelgängers set out to take over and host the show.

It’s one thing if you’ve got an evil double stalking you with a pair of golden scissors, but it’s a different nightmare when that double is just as good at landing a punchline.