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James Mangold's Logan followup will be about a giant kitty-cat

“Artist’s” rendering. (Photos: 20th Century Fox, ALBERTO PIZZOLI/AFP/Getty Images)

As the director of one of the most critically well-regarded superhero films in recent memory, Logan’s James Mangold pretty much has a blank check to make whatever movie he wants at the moment. (He’s already signed up for a spin-off focused on X-23, plus a cop corruption drama in the vein of his Sylvester Stallone vehicle Copland.) Now, he’s choosing to spend that cachet on a giant kitty-cat, in the form of the kids book adaptation Crenshaw.

Based on a book from Newberry-winner Katherine Applegate—best known for the Animorphs line of YA novels—the book centers on a young boy whose imaginary friend, the titular giant cat, offers him help to overcome his problems. As THR notes, it’s not clear where the Crenshaw adaptation will fit on Mangold’s increasingly stuffed list of projects.


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