If, like most Americans, you were unable locate VH1 Classics in the nether regions of your digital cable system in time to watch the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony last night, you missed an awards show moment that can only be described as historical: The first induction speech read from a personal digital assistant: From MTV News:

After Van Halen's spot, the house lights dimmed for Jay-Z, on hand to induct Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five, the first hip-hop group to be honored by the Hall.

Jay – who read his speech from his BlackBerry – started off by quoting the opening missive from the group's groundbreaking 1982 anthem "The Message" (which the crowd surprisingly began chanting along with him), then dubbed the Furious Five "hip-hop's first supergroup," groundbreaking artists who paved the way for the hip hop stars of today.


Jay then paused for dramatic effect before continuing, "Sent via BlackBerry - a service from AT&T; Wireless." And here's photographic evidence of this watershed moment in American awards show history:

Possible reasons Jay-Z would read his speech from a BlackBerry: 1. He's, like, really, really busy. 2. CEOs use BlackBerrys. Jay-Z is a CEO. Therefore, Jay Z composes Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame induction speeches on a BlackBerry. 3. His


HP looked too bulky on the podium. 4. Index cards and memorization are for suckers. 5. His assistant just emailed him the speech, and there was no time to come up with a less ridiculous solution. 6. A Powerpoint would have been a little too impersonal, you know? 7. It's sort of a safety net. If Jay was called on to answer an impromptu question about Grandmaster Flash, Wikipedia's right there.