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Joss Whedon is developing a series of books based in the Firefly 'Verse

(Photo: Alexandra Wyman/Getty Images)

Joss Whedon has never been shy about providing his rabid fan base with more material set in his quippy, action-filled universes: Buffy, Angel, and especially his single-season space Western darling, Firefly, have all received their fair share of comic books, board games, and other supplementary materials over the years, expanding their scope well past their original TV runs. Now, Whedon is about to get explicitly literary with these expansions, announcing that he’s developing a series of novels based on Malcolm Reynolds and his aimin’-to-be-misbehavin’ crew.

Titan Books has announced at least three new books set in the far-flung, Chinese-swearing ’Verse, providing readers with the latest on what Mal and his crew have been up to since Serenity hit theaters way back in 2005. Titled Big Damn Heroes, The Magnificent Nine, and Generations, the books will presumably dive a little deeper into the show’s semi-obscured backstory, with Whedon serving as a consulting producer on each one. (And, as a bonus, if you’re one of those poor, damned souls who can’t stand the show’s twangy theme song, you can finally enjoy the series without it burrowing itself directly into your ears.)

[via Entertainment Weekly]


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