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Kanye West is being countersued over his canceled tour

(Photo: Getty Images/AFP, Angela Weiss)

Kanye West abruptly canceled his Saint Pablo tour late last year, but when touring insurer Lloyd’s Of London refused to pay out West’s insurance claim for the canceled tour, he filed a lawsuit for “$9.8 million plus interest.” Now, The Hollywood Reporter says that Lloyd’s Of London has countersued West, claiming that its insurance doesn’t cover cancellation issues related to—deep breath—”a preexisting psychological condition, possession of illegal drugs, prescription drugs not taken as medically prescribed, and the consumption of alcohol rendering the insured unfit to perform.” In other words, Lloyd’s Of London doesn’t believe that West deserves to get his insurance claim paid out because of his behavior.

West checked himself into the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Hospital Center shortly after canceling his tour, ostensibly to prove that he was suffering a real mental breakdown that wasn’t because of any “pernicious influences,” but the insurers say there are holes in this story. For starters, Lloyd’s Of London says that it has noticed “substantial irregularities in Mr. West’s medical history,” and various people working with West and his touring company have “delayed, hindered, stalled, and/or refused to provide information both relevant and necessary” to the claim investigation. The company won’t say exactly what it thinks is really going on with West, but as THR notes, “the implications are fairly clear.”


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