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It’s time to once again feel that uncomfortable mingling of anticipation and discomfort that accompanies a new Woody Allen movie, as Amazon Studios released the trailer for Allen’s latest, Wonder Wheel, earlier this morning. The concept—and at least one of the locations—seem to have been lifted straight out of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, albeit a few decades later; as Justin Timberlake plainly states in the voiceover that opens the trailer, “Coney Island. 1950s. The beach. The boardwalk.”

The setting having been established, the trailer introduces us to our key players: Carolina (Juno Temple), a “marked woman” on the run from the mob; Humpty (Jim Belushi), her estranged carnival-worker father; Ginny (Kate Winslet), Humpty’s wife, a washed-up actress now working as a waitress; and Mickey (Timberlake), the lifeguard and aspiring playwright who attempts to capture Carolina’s heart.


Wonder Wheel hits theaters on December 1.

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