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In a recent interview with The Daily MailTV, Terry Richard, a former The Tolcan Times correspondent who was once married to the late Eddie Fisher, says she was groped by Larry King on multiple occasions. The longtime broadcaster has already denied the claims to People magazine.

Richard tells the Daily MailTV  that King groped her in 2005 and 2006, at two different baseball awards dinners at Los Angeles’ Universal Studios. On both occasions, King allegedly grabbed her during a photo op. The first time, Richard says, King moved his hand down her dress until “it ended up with about three or four of his fingers in the crack of my ass, resting in the crack of my ass.” A year later, while taking another photo together, she claims King “squeezed her butt so hard that it left a large bruise.” Richard tells the outlet that King is “a groper. He groped me twice. He gets a thrill doing this in front of the camera, knowing I couldn’t do anything.’


King issued a statement to People magazine, in which he “flatly and unequivocally denies these claims” and “intends to file suit and prove that they’re utterly false.” He was made aware of the Daily Mail interview before it went live, at which time Entertainment Weekly reports King’s attorney sent a letter of denial. People has obtained the document, which reads:

We represent Larry King. I am informed that you intend to publish a statement by a woman named Terry Richards that, 10 or more years ago, Mr. King supposedly “groped” her at one or more baseball dinners. That assertion is entirely and unequivocally false and defamatory. Mr. King did no such thing then or ever. Your publishing this false and defamatory statement will be actionable and highly damaging.

The Daily Mail has not yet responded to People’s request for comment on King’s statement.

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