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Late-night hosts help us make sense of the tragedy that is Donald Trump's hair

Yesterday, in just the latest of the long string of indignities inflicted upon the American people by the Trump presidency, footage surfaced of the president walking onto Air Force One. En route, a particularly violent gust of wind whipped along behind him, peeling back his immaculately managed hair helmet and revealing the pulsing, eldritch monstrosity lurking just beneath. It was not pretty.

And so, as has so often been the case in times of turmoil, the nation turned to late-night funnymen for a sense of order and normalcy. Seth Meyers pre-empted accusations of pettiness by introducing a new segment simply called “Let’s Be Petty,” peeling off 90 seconds of one-liners at the president’s expense.

Jimmy Kimmel took a more measured, investigative approach, showing the footage to a suite of actual hair stylists in an effort to understand what we saw—to not just laugh at it, but to learn from it.

They offer a few suggestions—one says it’s a bad weave, another that it should’ve been glued down; one says he should shave it, another that he should use a shitload of pomade—but most just stare agog at the spectacle. It is difficult not to.


Clayton Purdom is a writer and editor based in Columbus, Ohio.

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