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Leah Remini will not take the blame for killing the wife on Kevin Can Wait

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The ongoing saga of the dead wife on Kevin James’ Kevin Can Wait is, more than anything else, a case of TV-fan schadenfreude, of laughing at the ineptness with which the show backed into the safety of the old King Of Queens cast. It’s always been safe to assume that nobody was actually mad about the between-season death of his first-season wife, played by Erinn Hayes, nor were they actually expecting a more nuanced explanation than what they got, which was a quick aside over a piece of junk mail. Still, the flippancy with which it was treated—followed up immediately by a quick joke about ol’ Kev thinking about signing up for kung fu classes—has been a source of considerable joy, at least for a few days. It’ll all make for an interesting footnote in the annals of sitcom history, at most.

Or not, if you ask Leah Remini, who has apparently been getting some shit about this online, and is out here taking all comers on Twitter about it. There is no blood on her motherfucking hands. Stay out of her mentions.


Anyway, look, it must be awful to be a famous person on Twitter, with volumes of hate shoveled your way in a manner that must be near impossible to ignore. Remini should probably log off and get some fresh air; it’s not as if this is a life or death situation. Or—actually it is, but the person is question is already dead, and also fictional. Kevin moved on, why can’t the rest of us?

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