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Legal Dispute? Take Your Case To The Komedy Kourt!

During quiet moments of reflection, when you try to empty your head of all thoughts, and sink into a deep meditative state, just before sleep, perhaps, there is always one inner voice that won't be quieted, one nagging thought that drags its muddy feet all over the warm white space you're attempting to create in your mind. Sometimes it's a worry about work that you can't get rid of, sometimes it's a need as simple as, "I'm kinda hungry." But more often than not it's, "What's Sinbad up to these days? I wonder if I could get him to litigate my small claims case in some kind of hilari-court."

Well, unfortunately, now you can. Tonight, for the first time in months, you'll sleep soundly on a fluffy pillow made of downy soft stupidity.

From CNN:

Entrepreneur Jamie Masada was sitting in his venerable Sunset Boulevard comedy club one night when a patron screamed so loudly at a comedian's joke that the guy sitting next to him claimed his hearing was damaged. Next thing the club owner knew, Masada said, he was being named in a lawsuit.

"It was so ridiculous. I thought, 'This is a TV show.' "

Not long after, the "Supreme Court of Comedy" was born. The show, which launched last month on DirecTV, is taped at the Laugh Factory.


Firstly, anyone who refers to himself as an "entrepreneur" should just simplify things and use the colloquial, "liar." Also, that "Eureka! A shitty TV idea!" story isn't even trying to be believeable. I'm sure the actual story was more like, "I was sitting around thinking, 'What's more low-concept and low-budget than a People's Court rip-off? Hmm.' Then it hit me, 'What about a People's Court rip-off with washed up stand-ups that we could shoot right here in the comedy club?' So I told the bartender to dust off the camcorder, and I called DirecTV."

And call he did. Pretty soon, the Hon. Jokey Judge Dom Irrera was presiding over his first krazy kase on the dopey docket full of ha-has, with Sinbad and Tom Arnold as dueling Attorneys-At-Laffs:

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