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Photo: Oliver Walker (Getty Images)

Delighting diligent meme-crafters everywhere, the long-joked-about connection between hip hop band Death Grips and parfait-esque crankiness ogre Shrek has finally become a reality. Pitchfork reports that the No Love Deep Webb rappers have teamed up with Shrek and Shrek 2 director Andrew Adamson, apparently to make some new music.

It’s too early to know how well this particular collaboration will match up with the musical sub-sub-sub genre now known as Shrek Grips, which mashes up the band’s hyper-aggressive rapping style with the tinkly beats of Smash Mouth’s “All Star,” and the smiling face of a bog-loving Mike Myers monster man. The band released its last album, Bottomless Pit, back in 2016. Adamson, meanwhile, has had a prolific career since bringing the 2002 Best Animated Feature Film winner to life; his recent credits include the Chronicles Of Narnia movies and a Cirque du Soleil film, Worlds Away.


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