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Little Caesars: Come get your employees

Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images

Speaking from experience, I can say that there are essentially two modes of fast food work: overwhelming and boring. The grease is either loudly spitting up around your ears, or an eerie, ephemeral hum is spilling from discarded headsets. That dichotomy inevitably causes those moments of quiet to serve as a release of sorts, a way for these (usually young, goofy) employees to let off some steam. One Little Caesars customer discovered this in a, well, unique way after leaving their phone at one of the chain’s locations.


It begins innocently enough, with one employee dancing his way through the restaurant. Things take a turn for the bizarre, however, when he reaches the walk-in freezer to reveal a shirtless cohort squirting what one can only assume is marinara sauce across his chest. What happens from there is pure debauchery, so don’t say you haven’t been warned.

Know this, though, Little Caesars: Fire them and face the internet’s wrath.

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