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Lizzy Caplan joins Channing Tatum in Gambit

(Photo: Getty Images, Tim P. Whitby)

According to Variety, Lizzy Caplan is “in talks” to join Gambit, the X-Men spin-off that Channing Tatum is absolutely intent on making for some reason. Caplan’s role is being kept “under wraps,” but outside of popular X-Man Rogue, there are only so many comic book characters connected to Gambit who seem important enough to keep secret—though she could easily just be some non-comic book person, and the producers simply don’t want to give away any plot details for the movie yet.

The Variety story makes it sound like Pirates Of The Caribbean’s Gore Verbinski is officially on board to direct, with the movie penciled in for release on February 14, 2019. That’s all assuming that the movie actually gets made, of course, which is hardly a given at this point. Still, Tatum has remained dedicated to playing the guy who was everyone favorite superhero for a brief time in the ‘90s, and maybe the addition of Caplan will end up being the boost Gambit needed.


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