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Midsommar is filled with creepy subliminal faces, apparently

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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[Spoilers for Midsommar below.]

Midsommar is a bright, terror-ridden film that’s scary enough without the fucking faces hidden in the trees we just learned about. Vigilant Twitter user @danielgaylewis tweeted a screenshot from Ari Aster’s film that draws our eyes to a very disturbing face in the background that you probably missed in the theater.


In the woods behind the procession celebrating Dani as the new May Queen, one can glimpse the face of Dani’s dead sister, replete with the tube in her mouth that she used to help commit suicide. Another user, @kateykelley77, added a photo of the sister from earlier in the film, helping make the connection that much clearer.


Interestingly, this isn’t the only hidden face in the film. As Bloody Disgusting notes, a Reddit post from two months ago lists other instances where these devious mugs turned up. “So whenever Dani and Christian are on the couch in the first act of the movie and the camera slowly zooms in on the snow outside her window to the title sequence, I swear that in the snow outside you could see a creepy/demonic face for a several seconds,” writes one user. Another says that the ritual suicide scene hides faces and figures in the rock. And another writes, “At the beginning, with the wailing/singing, the close up of the forest line reveals a face.”

Others on Twitter have pointed out that the oddness isn’t confined to the environment itself. During the scenes in which the characters are tripping on drugs, the faces of those in their orbit are also uncanny.

The movie’s already available on digital and the DVD comes out in October, so it’s worth it to play a game of Spot The Terrifying Face. Hey, it was fun with Netflix’s The Haunting Of Hill House last year.