Murder Mystery 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

By contrast, a shticky bit that’s clearly supposed to be a comedic centerpiece, involving Sandler having to constantly barricade and un-barricade a hotel room door, comes off as incredibly labored. It’s clear what the joke is supposed to be, but you’d be forgiven for forgetting to laugh.


Targeted at folks Sandler’s age who’ll get the jokes about Indecent Proposal and Sleepless In Seattle, Murder Mystery 2 doesn’t aim particularly high. That it occasionally scores only emphasizes all the shots it missed. Perhaps the gag that Nick literally cannot hit anything he fires at is more meta than intended. If the cliffhanger-ish ending really does lead to a third installment, here’s hoping all involved figure out what sort of movie to make, because the only mystery in the second installment is why it isn’t better.

Murder Mystery 2 debuts Friday, March 31 on Netflix.