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New trailer for season 5 of Silicon Valley eliminates the "no dog" policy

This new trailer for season five of HBO’s Silicon Valley starts on a massive twist: The show has undergone a surprise time-jump, with Thomas Middleditch’s Richard Hendricks waking up from a four-year coma. It’s an unbelievably show-changing reveal that throws every ongoing storyline—not to mention the relationships between the main characters—into disarray. It is also, as Hendrick’s frustratingly hilarious doctor begrudgingly admits, just a joke. Hendricks hasn’t actually woken up in the future, meaning all of his problems trying to invent a new internet with Pied Piper are still there. Also, his friends are still being mean to him, he’s still saying stupid shit that gets him in trouble, and also Academy Award nominee Kumail Nanjiani says “fuck you” to a dog.

Season five of Silicon Valley will premiere on March 25.


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