Hey y'alls, I was flipping through channels a few days back and I stumbled upon a brief summary of "Dunston Checks In" that read, and I quote, "Orangutan wreaks havoc and has misadventures". Needless to say, that sounds like the recipe for a surefire winner to me. So here's my question to you, dear readers: Does "Dunston Checks In" live up to the hype? Does the Orangutan really "wreak havoc" and have "misadventures"? If so, then how can the movie be anything less than mind-blowingly awesome? Here's another question: if monkeys and apes are so friggin' awesome (which they so totally are) than how come movies about them tend to suck so badly (the current and original King Kong and various other joints aside)? Lastly, I would like to officially call for a moratorium on the term "bling", "bling bling" and any variation thereof. It's the kind of obnoxious, ubiquitous, venerable slang term that deludes the media into thinking its hip and insidery when all it really does is undeline how lame and out of it they really are if they think "bling bling" is the kind of phrase that's burning up the street. I cringe every time I hear "bling" cause it's lazy, lazy shorthand for everything that's transparently fake and wrong about hip hop and it's invariably used by clueless outsiders who wouldn't known Mellow Man Ace from Stroker Ace. So please, America, no more with the "bling bling". If you want to feel "down" please feel free to use some other lame buzzword that's been around since the dawn of man. But leave the bling bling alone, bling daddy. Are there any other phrases out there y'all would like to see vanish from the landscape o' American letter? I know Matt Groening used to do a strip every year where he'd retire various overused phrases. What words would you ideally like to see become extinct?