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Rest your weary head with a 45-minute video of sizzling bacon

After a long day at work, we all deserve to kick back, relax, and just kind of zen out to the sounds we love best. For some, our shoulders loosen up to the calming tones of a stranger pretending to administer an eye exam. For others, the imagined sounds of the totally-not-stressful scenario of being stranded on a frozen alien planet really melt away our preoccupations.

If none of these scenarios are suited to your incredibly specific needs, however, a little digging is sure to turn up the exact auditory cues needed to make your life complete. Like, for example, 45 minutes of bacon cooking in a cast iron pan.


This hole in today’s crowded market has been filled by YouTube’s TexasHighDef, a channel dedicated to providing a cornucopia of videos you can put on to help you sleep. While these run through the usual suspects, including rain (yawn), waterfalls (so 2017), and oscillating fans (those things will kill you dead!), the crown jewel in TexasHighDef’s presumably 10 gallon hat is a nearly hour long ode to the simple pleasure of cooking bacon.

Working through three pounds of salty, popping and crackling meat, the video is billed as a sleep aid, but it could just as easily be repurposed as a meditation guide. Allow the eye to relax on a single pool of bubbling grease and an inner calm descends as a fork, held as if by the hand of god, moves the bacon around. Let yourself descend into the inner depths of your mind and know total bliss, untroubled by all distraction, as well as the knowledge that such a wonderful sound comes from cooking the remains of a very smart and emotionally intelligent animal.

[via Atlas Obscura]

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