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SNL Presents "Meet The Television"

In case you (luckily) missed it, this weekend's Saturday Night Live featured a special sneak preview of Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer's forthcoming pop culture reference parade, Meet The Television.

Needless to say, seeing all those characters and catchphrases that you saw on television again is hysterical, especially since this time they're "jokes":

So, we've got Tim Gunn, Christian, and Heidi Klum filling the scene with their respective catchphrases, but the simple addition of Donald Trump yelling "You're fired," or Lindsay Lohan dressed as Marilyn Monroe, or Bret Michaels in a hilariously over-sized bandanna, or (why not?) all three would have really taken this sketch to the next level of hilarity. Honestly, the more references you can squish into the scene the funnier it'll be. If SNL is going to take a page from the Friedberg & Seltzer book, they should strictly abide by the duo's motto: "Don't Stop Referencin'"

A better ending for the sketch would have been to have a dark shadow slowly creep over Tim, Christian, Heidi, Monrohan, Trump, and Bret, and they'd all look up just in time to see a giant, round, flat object poised to crush them all from above. The camera would then pan out to reveal a humongous over-sized clock hanging from the neck of Flava Flav as he shouts, triumphantly, "Flava Flaaaaaav!"

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