We’ve reached the stage in Star Wars: The Last Jedi promotions in which the flow of new information has slowed to a trickle, where new additions to the cast tease their roles in vague ways and two seconds of footage is enough to light up Reddit threads.

The latest dispatch out of Lucasfilm-land has some previously seen footage and the same ominous tone of other teasers and posters, which suggest Luke or Rey could succumb to the dark side. Rey acknowledges the light and dark in this clip, but then senses something else “calling” to her. It’s unclear what this is—the references to light (the Force) and dark (side) seem to have covered all of their bases. Whatever it is, it leads to the crack in the ground we’ve seen in past trailers. Could it be Snoke, who we see reaching out to someone? Then again, wouldn’t that just be the dark side hanging on the line again?


The answer to this and other questions, such as the tastiness of Porgs, will be answered when The Last Jedi hits theaters December 15.