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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

Yesterday, I came across two news items, one about Jay Leno and one about David Letterman, that highlight the major difference between them: The first was that Jay Leno is suing the writer of a joke book for publishing some of his jokes without his permission. One of the completely original comedic gems in question?

There was a 194-car crash in L.A. — Luckily, the guy in the first car was still able to complete his call.


A joke that is one Rodney King (or Kato Kaelin) reference away from being the hackiest LA joke ever told–which is maybe the reason it was being published in the first place. The second news item was that David Letterman had Richard Simmons on his show to promote some health product that promises to help you lose weight (no Oldies, or Sweatin' involved). Please watch the video:

So, there you have it: The difference between Leno and Letterman is that Leno sues people to protect his copyrighted, unfunny jokes, while Letterman does really funny things to Richard Simmons. God I love Richard Simmons. He's like a giant, bouncy, oldie-lovin', self-aware joke, covered in spangles.

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