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The Solo trailer actually works pretty well with this dumb Kinect Star Wars song

The trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story was fine, maybe even quite good, but its music was a little too obvious. It really could’ve used something with a bit more pop, possibly with fun lyrics related to who Han Solo is and what he likes to do. Thankfully, YouTube user Shooptube has come through with a modified version of the Solo trailer that is now set to the hot dance track “I’m Han Solo.” It may seem stupid and goofy, but it actually works kind of well:

For anyone lucky enough to not recognize the track, it’s a parody of Jason Derulo’s “Ridin’ Solo” that was made famous by a dancing mode in Kinect Star Wars—the last title published by iconic video game studio LucasArts, which stopped developing new games when Disney picked up the Star Wars rights. Like pretty much everything that required the use of the Xbox’s Kinect sensor, Kinect Star Wars was poorly received and has been largely forgotten, but at least its legacy will live on with this—let’s be honest—better version of the Solo trailer.

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