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This guy’s homemade “mask gun” is not practical, but it is funny

Allen Pan’s YouTube channel is a delight. Spend a few minutes there and you’ll find Hulk Hands that actually smash, a shout-activated mouth flamethrower, and the masterfully titled, “Turning A Treadmill Into A PS4 Controller So I Exercise,” among many other treats. But this one? This is a gem. Behold, the mask gun.

Let’s first acknowledge that Pan’s impractical, deeply goofy, righteous indignation-fueled invention works one-hundred percent correctly exactly zero times. Even when it “works,” it doesn’t actually work. But that’s part of what makes the video so entertaining: At basically every turn, something just a little bit off happens. It is 2020, after all, the year in which absolutely everything is at least just a little bit off.


But hey, if it actually worked as intended, the video would be a lot less fun to watch. If Pan was operating from a place of back-patting self-satisfaction, that would also be less interesting, but instead he lets his frustration push him in the direction of silliness. There are several such wrinkles, including using car parts as a workaround to avoid the line for Home Depot and an accidental strangling. But the best moment—plot reveal for a nine-minute YouTube video ahead, so stop and watch it if you want the purest experience—comes when he finally brings the launcher out for testing and finds no need to flee from racist assholes, and instead sees a not-inconsiderable number of people who don’t need convincing when it comes to masks.

No one should ever use one of these in real life, obviously. But next time you’re taking a walk or heading to the grocery store and you see a bunch of maskless buttholes, you can quietly imagine a mask flying through the air toward their faces, smile to yourself, and thank Allen Pan for the temporary lowering of your blood pressure.

[via Boing Boing]

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