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This pro-life Roe v. Wade movie with Jon Voight and Stacey Dash sure sounds fun

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Movies with an explicit right-wing slant are almost uniformly terrible, wether it’s the God’s Not Dead series or Dinesh D’Souza’s latest feature-length adaptation of a thread from r/The_Donald, but a new movie about Roe v. Wade with a pro-life slant may just be the most terrible of them all. The movie—simply called Roe v. Wade for reasons we’ll get into—is coming from director Nick Loeb, who you may remember as the guy who sued ex-girlfriend Sofia Vergara so he could try and steal her frozen embryos (he lost). The film is set to star a real “who’s who” of big-name conservatives, including Jon Voight, Robert Davi, and Stacey Dash, as well as some actors who are always happy to get a paycheck like Corbin Bernsen and Steve Guttenberg.

Unfortunately for Loeb, a lot of people don’t really like the idea of a pro-life movie about Roe v. Wade, forcing him to film this masterpiece in total secrecy. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he’s been shooting it under a fake title, refuses to disclose the names of all the actors involved, and has even been neglecting to tell some of the cast and crew about the project’s conservative angle. Multiple shooting locations have kicked out Loeb and the production after finding out what his movie is going to be about, an electrician told Loeb to go fuck himself before she quit, an actress who “begged” for the role of Norma McCorvey—a.k.a. “Jane Roe” herself—quit when she realized it was all a pro-life scam, and even the original director (who was also a woman) refused to keep working.


The film has also lost a number of investors and was supposedly booted from Facebook, but Loeb claims that he has secret “notable” investors who are trying to help him secure a January release date. As for why he decided to tell this story, Loeb says his feud with Vergara “informed the film,” since he now knows how it feels for a man to try and control things that he has no right to control, and also he thinks it’s important to talk about Roe v. Wade because “it divides us and makes us uncomfortable.” As terrible as this movie will most likely be and as disastrous as its production has been, that last quote should really be the most embarrassing part of this for Loeb. If the idea of women having the right to decide for themselves if they want an abortion makes a man “uncomfortable,” then the man is more anti-women than he is pro-life.