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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

Now that the circle is complete and The Hater has been mentioned in the hallowed webpages of Star magazine (Seriously. Check it out.), there's never been a better time to rag on the tabloids some more. Specifically, their "Fashion Police" and "Style Violatons" sections. You know how these work: a round-up of some of the worst, fourth-tier comedians are given pictures of celebrities in dumb outfits; they try to out-pun, out-reference, and out-lame each other; then you read it and wonder why, God why, does this happen every week. Here's an example:

Illustration for article titled Unclever References Not Used By The Fashion Police

Ugh. C'mon, SZISH. You're barely not trying. Is that the most unclever Jennifer Love Hewitt reference/insult you can think of? What about: "

I Know What Her Hair Did Last Summer!" or "Can't Hardly Wait till she fixes her hair a way that is more aesthetically pleasing to me!" or "She may be a Ghost Whisperer, but that hair is frightening!" or "Her hairstyle is unflattering. Garfield!" Am I forgetting any other Jennifer Love Hewitt projects that can be expertly weaved into a comment about how bad her hair is?

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