Now that the circle is complete and The Hater has been mentioned in the hallowed webpages of Star magazine (Seriously. Check it out.), there's never been a better time to rag on the tabloids some more. Specifically, their "Fashion Police" and "Style Violatons" sections. You know how these work: a round-up of some of the worst, fourth-tier comedians are given pictures of celebrities in dumb outfits; they try to out-pun, out-reference, and out-lame each other; then you read it and wonder why, God why, does this happen every week. Here's an example:

Ugh. C'mon, SZISH. You're barely not trying. Is that the most unclever Jennifer Love Hewitt reference/insult you can think of? What about: "


I Know What Her Hair Did Last Summer!" or "Can't Hardly Wait till she fixes her hair a way that is more aesthetically pleasing to me!" or "She may be a Ghost Whisperer, but that hair is frightening!" or "Her hairstyle is unflattering. Garfield!" Am I forgetting any other Jennifer Love Hewitt projects that can be expertly weaved into a comment about how bad her hair is?