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Watch a behind-the-scenes clip from The Inbetweeners movie, learn British slang for "vagina," win some stuff

Before it became a passable MTV import that doesn't make you want to renounce your citizenship, and before it inspired a generic American road-trip comedy about which we can make no such promises, The Inbetweeners was a cult British TV show in which the words "spastic" and "cunt" were tossed around with chipper, British abandon. Those who haven't yet caught up the series on BBC America, Netflix, or DVD are promised by this behind-the-scenes clip that they'll still enjoy The Inbetweeners movie when it hits American shores on September 7 after becoming last year's top-grossing UK comedy—and as it says, all you really need to know is that it's about a group of horny sort-of-losers going on holiday. You might also take this opportunity to brush up on the many other fine, British slang terms for "vagina."

For those who want to further that education, we're also giving away three Inbetweeners prize packs, each of which include: one The Inbetweeners: The Complete Series DVD, one Inbetweeners movie poster, and one "Pussay Patrol" T-shirt, as seen in the film and all of your future important meetings. Email us here to enter in the drawing; winners will be randomly chosen after two weeks.


(Approximate value of the prize is $50. Employees of The Onion and their families are not eligible to enter. U.S. addresses only.)

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