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Funny Or Die turned 10 this year—read an oral history of the site at Wired—and to commemorate that milestone, founders Adam McKay and Will Ferrell are taking a look back at some of the videos that helped establish it as one of the internet’s leading purveyors of hilarious shit.

Their latest look back ostensibly functions as a reflection on Zach Galifianakis’ Between Two Ferns interview with Barack Obama, which not only became the site’s biggest driver of traffic but also led countless people to sign themselves up for the Affordable Care Act (many of whom actually liked it, despite what the GOP is telling you). But Galifianakis is just too easy a target for McKay and Ferrell, who spend the lion’s share of the video tearing down the “fat, little jerk.”


When not discussing how emotional the cultural weight of the interview made them, McKay and Ferrell tear down Galifianakis as a “sweaty-palmed, little pervert” and a “North Carolina hillbilly” before discussing how “he had to put on a shirt with a collar instead of a barrel” to enter the White House.

If the piling on of a doofy, lovable comedian who’s not even there to defend himself doesn’t interest you, why not revisit the aforementioned interview? That it’s still funny three years later is nearly as impressive as all the ACA sign-ups it triggered.

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