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Watch the exclusive red band trailer for Gangs Of London's second season (that doesn’t skimp on the red)

For season two of Gangs Of London, AMC delivers the three Bs: Bullets, bones, and blood

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Ṣọpẹ́ Dìrísù
Ṣọpẹ́ Dìrísù
Photo: AMC+

The ultra-violent, John Wick-inspired action series Gangs Of London is returning to satiate your bloodlust. The series returns this November on AMC+, but star Michelle Fairley has a special treat for anyone that likes watching a person have their throat slit by broken glass: A very red band trailer.

AMC has taken full advantage of the internet’s willingness to go along with staged violence and packed this thing with the graphic mayhem fans crave. We don’t want to ruin anything, but you do see a man’s cheek melt in real time. It’s quite disturbing, or fun, if you like that sort of thing. Again, this is a very explicit trailer, so we don’t want to hear any complaining if you have nightmares.

Gangs of London Season 2 | Official Red Band Trailer | AMC+

Here’s the season two synopsis:

In the second season, a new, darker era of chaos and turbulent power struggles comes to London. One year after the death of Sean Wallace and the violent reckonings of season one, the map and soul of the city has been redrawn – the surviving Wallaces are scattered, the Dumanis broken and estranged, and ex-undercover cop Elliot Finch (played by Ṣọpẹ́ Dìrísù, Mr. Malcolm’s List) is now being forced to work for the Investors. To restore order, the investors have aligned behind heroin baron Asif Afridi (Asif Raza Mir, Daaman) and together they have installed a new ruling force in London in the form of brutal gang leader – Koba (Waleed Zuaiter, Baghdad Central). He and his paramilitary enforcers have stamped a new kind of authority; battlefield atrocities, torture, and family kidnap, all coldly designed to terrorize the other gangs into submission. Koba’s vision for the criminal landscape is a dictatorship, a world in which old school gangster codes don’t exist and in which he holds a complete monopoly over London’s drug trade. But this monopoly can’t last forever, and the gangs are fighting back - who will win the battle for London’s soul?


Who will win the battle for London’s soul? We’ll find out on November 17, when AMC+ premieres the first two episodes of Gangs Of London. Following that, one new episode will premiere weekly.