Hey you gender neutral guys, When was the last time you fell head over heels in love with an album upon first listen? What was the last red-hot joint that made you feel like you'll still be listening to and loving that CD ten, fifteen, even twenty years down the line? What was the last CD that made you feel like you had a sacred duty to spread its gospel far and wide, that you needed to buy copies for friends, disseminate news of its glory far and wide (or at least on your blog) and generally do everything you possibly can to get as many people as possible to listen to it? That kind of a CD only comes along two or three times a year for me at most. In 2004 those albums were Madvillainy, The College Dropout, Foreign Exchange's "Connected" and The Pretty Toney Album. In 2005 it was Edan and Common. This year that CD was Ghostface Killah's "Fishscale". Oh my sweet blessed lord it's nucking futs how good this CD is. You know how fucking high your expectations for it are? Well, they need to be a whole lot higher. It's one of those rare instances in which an album is hyped to the skies and yet somehow lives up to the hype. So what's the last new CD that rocked your world? Discuss. P.S-I interviewed Ghostface Killah a while back (watch for it!) and had the following exchange, which didn't make it into the final piece but amused me greatly: Me: You're thanked in the credits for Coffee & Cigarettes Ghostface Killah (angry and agitated for no reason): I did "What" for cigarettes now? Eh, it made me laugh. Also you guys should all go rent "The Ice Harvest". It's pretty fuckin terrific. Dark even for a noir. You have redeemed yourself, Mr. Ramis. I totally forgive you for "Bedazzled" and "Analyze That".