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Will Ferrell resurrected Ron Burgundy to call a soccer match

Photo: Evan Agostini (Getty Images)

There’s pretty much nothing worse you can do to a celebrity then make them yank out their most iconic characters on a whim. Like, can you even imagine how many people try to make Sacha Baron Cohen say “very nice!” while posing for a picture? That said, Will Ferrell has never been all that shy about trotting out Anchorman’s Ron Burgundy—whether it be via car commercials, memoirs, or whiskey brands—so it wasn’t all that douchey for ESPN’s Max Bretos to summon the iconic ‘70s newscaster during an interview this past weekend.

The occasion was the inaugural Major League Soccer match between the Seattle Sounders and Los Angeles FC. Since Ferrell is a member of the LAFC’s ownership group (really), he sat down with some folks at ESPN to discuss his role and crack a few jokes about the “20 minutes and walk/jog” he could bring to the actual game.


When asked what Burgundy would say about the game, Ferrell responded thusly, slipping fluidly into Burgundy’s signature bellow. “It is wonderful to be here in the Emerald City, home of the Seattle Bounders. The Seattle Bounders Football Club, of course, founded in the year 1802 by the Germans. The Germans and the Haitian. It’s going to be a very exciting match. Of course, you know midway through the second half they will release a pack of wild coyotes onto the field, at which point it is anyone’s guess what will happen.”

Watch the full clip below, preferably while breathing in the rich mahogany scent of your home.

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