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Zack Snyder made a short film during his time away from Justice League

(Photo: Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

Earlier this year, we reported that director and producer Zack Snyder was departing the upcoming Justice League, after the death of his daughter, Autumn, back in March. Since then, Snyder’s social media presence has been understandably quiet, outside a few words of support for his cast, and a brief remembrance for the late George Romero.

Now, Snyder has popped back up to announce how he’s been spending his time out of the limelight, posting on Twitter today a poster for a new short film he’s been working on with his friends and family.


According to the tweet, Snyder made the short, Snow Steam Iron, over the course of a weekend; there are no details about what the film might be like, although the poster does suggest some kind of noir or murder mystery element. Snyder didn’t announce a release date for the film, simply suggesting that it’s coming “soon.”

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