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Zack Snyder wants to adapt The Fountainhead

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

According to a new profile from The Hollywood Reporter, director Zack Snyder might not be totally done with superheroes once his Justice League movies are wrapped up. His next superhero won’t be a weak-willed socialist like Superman who wastes his time helping regular people who are too stupid to help themselves, though. He’ll be a proper, square-jawed tough guy who doesn’t give a damn about anything but enormous phallic metaphors and his own indisputable greatness.

If that all sounds a little Ayn Rand-y, it’s because that’s exactly what it is. In his downtime, Snyder has apparently been working on a new movie version of The Fountainhead, Rand’s heartwarming ode to how some people are simply better than others (and also that non-consensual sex is sometimes okay). Snyder says that the book is “a thesis on the creative process and what it is to create something,” which is a concept that must really resonate with him as a guy who almost exclusively makes comic book adaptations. Snyder also notes that Warner Bros. owns the rights to Ayn Rand’s original Fountainhead screenplay, so he has “been working on that a little bit”—which is an interesting thing to say about a story that’s based on how one man’s utterly perfect vision is destroyed when other people step in and corrupt it with their own ideas.


Of course, there is the possibility that Snyder doesn’t really care what Rand would’ve thought and he just thinks The Fountainhead is cool story about a guy who makes awesome skyscrapers. That’s about the same level of depth he brought to his Watchmen adaptation, his 300 adaptation, and all of his other movies, so maybe his Fountainhead will be less about celebrating a gross ideology and more about how badass it is to see a guy design buildings in slow-motion. Even Ayn Rand (especially Ayn Rand) would agree that having Fountainhead protagonist Howard Roark constantly shirtless and covered in sweat would be an improvement on the original.