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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

47 Meters Down comes up for air, gets a sequel

Screengrab: YouTube
Screengrab: YouTube

Looks like it’s safe for film investors to go back in the water: 47 Meters Down, the movie that was promoted as a shark-attack horror film but turned out to be more like watching people solve an underwater escape room, is getting a sequel.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, original writer-director Johannes Roberts is set to return, with a script co-written with his collaborator on the first one, Ernest Riera. Sounding very much like a sequel in name only, the second installment will change locations from Mexico to Brazil, specifically the coastal city of Recife. A group of girls will go searching for non-tourist-based fun, and hear about some underwater ruins far off the beaten path. Unfortunately, they soon find out “that the turquoise waves of their secret Atlantis aren’t completely uninhabited.” Perhaps some judicious tapping of the X button while holding down R1 will allow them to safely escape?

Unsurprisingly titled 48 Meters Down, the film has yet to announce a start date for production. Also as yet unannounced is whether the film will also feature a similarly plausible third-act twist, possibly by having the camera pull back to reveal the entire location is inside an alien snow globe on a distant planet.

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