THE MACHINE - Official Red Band Trailer (HD)

Tatro impresses a fair bit as the young “Machine,” gamely recycling obvious pop culture impersonations of Russians who’ve never heard them and think he’s a genius when he’s plainly anything but. He’s not exactly Ryan Reynolds either, though he has enough of a superheroic physique to maybe be a Deadpool villain someday.


The best thing about The Machine is it’s not as awful as it could have been for a movie based on stand-up. Kreischer leans into both the fun and the destructiveness of his persona in a way that’s never genuinely obnoxious, though it’s almost hilariously irresponsible about alcohol. At the beginning, he’s gone completely sober; later, the movie suggests there’s a “moderate” way to periodically chug fifths of vodka straight from the bottle while also being a good dad. Like the movie, it may work for some, but isn’t something we can actually endorse.

The Machine opens in theaters on May 26