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Alice Glass says Ethan Kath's lawsuit against her has been dismissed

Photo: Matt Cowan (Getty Images)

The legal drama between former Crystal Castles bandmates Alice Glass and Ethan Kath appears to have reached a turning point today, with Glass reporting that Kath’s defamation lawsuit against her—which he lodged after she alleged that he periodically raped and abused her during their time together in the band—has been dismissed in a court of law.

Pitchfork reached out to the Los Angeles County Superior Court to successfully confirm that Glass and her team’s motion to strike Kath’s complaint had been granted. Glass’ attorney: “Yes, we are extremely pleased with the Court’s decision to grant our motion to strike, which effectively dismisses the complaint in its entirety. As the prevailing party, we are entitled to attorneys fees and will return to court to obtain an order in that regard.”

Kath—who still performs under the Crystal Castles name, and who was forced to cancel a recent tour after Glass, and other women, came forward to accuse him of sexual misconduct—has yet to respond to requests for comment.

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