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And now for some very good pandemic advice from Ozzy Osbourne

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Ozzy Osbourne has been on this planet for a long time. He has seen Some Shit. He has lived Some Shit. And when he says, as he did in a Rolling Stone interview earlier this month, that he’s “never known anything like” this pandemic crisis, that’s some Real Shit. On his SiriusXM radio show Ozzy’s Boneyard (what a title), our heavy metal elder had a little wisdom to impart to help get us through these trying times. This may come as a surprise to some of you, but Ozzy actually gives extremely good, simple, and reasonable advice—proving that not everyone who appears on a reality series is a complete bonehead. First and foremost, Ozzy says, “Wear a mask, wash hands, social distance.” Simple! Logical! Science-based facts!


He continued: If the president says something, I do the opposite. He changes his mind every hour. I mean literally. I’m going, ‘What?’” If you’re saying Some Shit that makes Ozzy Osbourne of all people go “What?” then what you are saying is probably very dumb and confusing and bad.

Ozzy also offered some fairly personal, non-partisan advice to everyone who’s mentally struggling during the pandemic, encouraging listeners to find a friend or loved one they can open up to in order to relieve themselves the burden of carrying this depression and anxiety on their own: “People have got to learn to start sharing their feelings with someone they trust,” he said.

Because people who are locked up and worried about this pandemic and whatever need to unload, because if you don’t unload, you are going to get depressed. And if you get depressed, who knows what’s going to happen? If you got a best friend or you got someone who you trust don’t be afraid to share.

Without a hint of irony, what Ozzy said next is pretty iconic: “We are all in the shithole right now. We are all in an environment we don’t want to be in. When I’m in a room in my head on my own, it’s a bad fucking place. My head never tells me anything fucking good.” Meanwhile, in President Trump’s corner at the Republican National Convention, we have advice such as....