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Aunty Donna and some YouTubers take credit for one (1) of those monoliths

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Screenshot: I Did A Thing

First off: Yes, we’re aware that it’s a bit silly to call the alien devices popping up in remote areas around the world “monoliths” when they’re all made of metal. Second: Exact terminology is the least of our concerns right now. We’re living through a time when the exact nature of the alien plot to invade our planet and harvest our bodily fluids is becoming more confusing with every week, making it increasingly unlikely that we’ll be able to stop it in time to keep our precious blood, sweat, and various mucous deposits where they belong: in our own goddamned bodies.


Having followed the clues presented by the Utah and Romanian monoliths to the natural conclusion that they were installed and removed under the direction of the Reptilian/Human Coalition, we’re now faced with a new wrinkle in the story thanks to YouTube channel I Did A Thing and the Aunty Donna guys taking credit for putting up at least one of these big metal slabs.

A video documenting their work shows how Aunty Donna got in touch with I Did A Thing to order “a monolith to help promote our Netflix show.” The IDAT guys joke repeatedly about planting the Utah and Romania monoliths, but they’re serious about installing one in Australia. The group contracts someone to put together one of the statues then figures out how the hell to get it in place. Somehow they fix it into the forest floor—after arguments about how much time can be allotted for lunch while transporting a monolith and the best way to kill people who have seen them transporting a monolith.

We definitely know now that they’re responsible for one of these things, but don’t let one video—one video filled with so much tomfoolery—distract you. The only rationale for all this effort is that Aunty Donna and I Did A Thing are working at the behest of secretive government agencies in order to distract from the clear and present danger of the other monoliths. By claiming responsibility for placing one of them in Australia, presumably as a promotional effort, they’re throwing us off the track that might keep us from averting our nightmare alien future by fully understanding the other monoliths’ nature.

Or, yet again, the other ones are also a marketing stunt and this video is a good example of how little work it takes to build and install one of them.

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