Bachelorette Red Band Trailer from Kirsten Dunst


Previous attempts to sell Bachelorette to all audiences have, naturally, made it look like a girls-behaving-sort-of-badly wedding comedy in the vein of Bridesmaids—a comparison certainly not helped by the presence of Rebel Wilson in both. But finally here's a red-band, NSFW trailer that reveals Bachelorette as the far, far nastier film it really is. Kicked off by Lizzy Caplan talking about blowjobs—and yes, we're just going to keep writing here—it barrels through Isla Fisher screaming about cocaine to get to the blackly comic heart of this mean-spirited story about three high school friends ruining the wedding of a tagalong they never really liked. And as a bonus, there's a miniature Party Down reunion when Adam Scott turns up as Caplan's ex-boyfriend. Then Caplan talks about blowjobs again. See? It was worth sticking around through the end.