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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

Barry makes a quick return in this new season 4 Flash promo

When we last saw The Flash’s Barry Allen, he was entering the Speed Force to stabilize it to keep Central City—and the world—from splitting apart. But since the show has his name in the title, you have to believe that he wasn’t going to be trapped in there very long.


The latest season four promo for the show, titled “Hero Reborn,” opens with Barry appearing, Kal-El-like, in the middle of a rural area, stopping in front of a fruit truck. He then is taken to the Central City police department, where Cecile (looks like Joe still has a girlfriend!) warns the rest of the team that Barry is greatly changed. For example, he grew a beard during his Speed Force time. For another example, he looks a little disconnected, like it will take him awhile to rebond with his Star Labs colleagues again, and even with his fiancée Iris.

Fortunately or unfortunately, robotic warrior Samuroid soon kidnaps Iris and demands the presence of The Flash, so it seems safe to assume that having his beloved in peril will help Barry snap out of his Speed Force funk. This assumption is based on the fact that we’ve seen the show before. Cisco also gleefully announces that there’s a new suit; there’s a even a new red logo for the show, replacing the gold of old! We can only hope that this also means there’s a new (old) Flash: the cheerful Flash of season one, leaving his emo doppelgänger of season three in the dust. We’ll find out when The Flash returns on Tuesday, October 10 on The CW.

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