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Ridley Scott’s upcoming John Paul Getty III kidnapping drama All The Money In The World has faced its fair share of troubles over the last month, as Scott and his crew raced to replace disgraced former star Kevin Spacey with a far more palatable Christopher Plummer. Ironically, that rush to reshoot the role of billionaire oil magnate J. Paul Getty appears to have generated a healthy amount of buzz—and three Golden Globe nominations—for the film, as otherwise disinterested viewers suddenly became curious to see whether the now-80-year-old Scott can get his picture in on time.

By all accounts, Scott’s doing just fine; although the movie—about the kidnapping of Getty’s grandson, and the efforts of the boy’s mother (Michelle Williams) to secure his release—did have its release date tweaked recently, it was simply to place the film in the Christmas prestige slot, and not because of any reported delays. You don’t have to take our word for it, though: If you want to see how well Scott’s reshoots are doing, you can see it for yourself, because we’re offering Chicago residents a chance to check out an advance screening of the film. To get your tickets for the screening, all you have to do is head here and click “Get My Passes.” The showing is being held on December 19 at 6:30 p.m. at the AMC River East 21.


Get there early, though; these advanced screenings always overbook, and you don’t want to slink your way into the theater, only to discover that Christopher Plummer has already replaced you in your seat.

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