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Clear History

Despite some suggestion that it could shoot as early as this fall, there’s still no official word on another season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Yet—as we’ve long suspected, and as this first full trailer confirms—the upcoming Clear History will suffice as a substitute in the meantime. The mostly improvised movie stars Larry David as a man undone by his strict personal code for social niceties, breaking it off with his business partner (played by Jon Hamm) over a petty argument, then watching as he steals all the fame and fortune from their one big idea. And with David losing that now-familiar hippie wig halfway through, then sitting in on poker games, fraternizing with guest stars like Danny McBride, Phillip Baker Hall, Kate Hudson, Michael Keaton, and Bill Hader, and even engaging in a bit of body-part wordplay with J.B. Smoove, this is basically just a scene of Susie Essman calling David a “bald prick” away from being a feature-length version of Curb. It’s pretty, pretty, pretty similar.


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