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Daft Punk to score new Dario Argento movie

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Photo: Kevork Djansezian (Getty Images)

There’s a certain level of success that filmmakers can achieve where they just get whatever they want, even if that thing would normally be impossibly difficult to get. Then there’s a level of success where people just freely offer up things that should be impossibly difficult to get, like when electronic music legends Daft Punk just call you up and offer to do the score for your next movie even though they haven’t even released a regular album in seven freakin’ years. That’s apparently where Dario Argento is at, though, with him telling Repubblica (via Variety, translation via Exclaim!) that France’s most famous robots heard that he was working on a new movie—Occhiali Neri, or Black Glasses—and said, “we want to work with you.”


Argento says “they are my admirers” and that they “know all my cinema,” which are pretty easy claims to make when you’re referring to a pair of relative recluses (it’s not like they’re going to show up and disagree when they’re so busy cultivating an air of mystery), and Argento says they told him that the script for this next movie is one of his “most interesting.” Argento adds that Daft Punk will be sending him the first tracks for the score “soon” and that they’ll visit Rome once travel is permitted, indicating that even robots are happy to observe the rules of social distancing.

The movie, which will feature Argento’s daughter Asia Argento, is going to be some kind of crime drama about a “Chinese girl and child” escaping from Rome through the “rocky, bushy countryside of Lazio.” Hopefully Daft Punk will cameo, as the duo did in Tron: Legacy and those Weeknd videos, because making sure they physically appear in anything they collaborate on will be a fun tradition to uphold.