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Showing the same resilience of a reanimated corpse, a sequel to 2013's World War Z is still kicking around. This, despite an onslaught of bad news, including preproduction squabbles between Brad Pitt and the screenwriters, departing directors, as well as the film’s removal from Paramount’s upcoming releases. But fear not, fans of Max Brooks’ book, who are holding out hope that maybe the second film will be more faithful to the source material. David Fincher, who replaced J.A. Bayona back in June, is thinking long and hard about how to approach the sequel, which is almost certainly still on the way.

The Mindhunter producer recently talked to Little White Lies about his hit Netflix show, which eventually led to discussing the project that reunites Fincher with his Fight Club and The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button star. The director gave this update: “We’re trying. A lot of stones have been laid. We’re just deconstructing it right now against the mythology that exists to see where we can go.” So yep, World War Z 2 is definitely in the process of being written, just as soon as Fincher & co. figure out its place in the speed-walking zombie world. And we’re just saying, a good place to start would be the book.


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