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Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver soundtrack is just massive

Photo: Sony Pictures
Photo: Sony Pictures

Even for a director whose previous films have all made thorough use of pop music, Edgar Wright takes it much further in his new movie Baby Driver. From the opening seconds, the movie is suffused with songs, playing key roles in both the narrative and the extra-diagetical realm of the soundtrack. It’s stuffed to the gills with tunes, is the essential bullet point here (speaking of which, bullets—also a lot of those in the film), much of it used in inventive and memorable ways. So it shouldn’t be that surprising the movie’s official soundtrack is also enormous, clocking in at 30 tracks. Rolling Stone has the complete listing, and it looks pretty damn good.


Starting with The John Spencer Blues Explosion’s “Bellbottoms” and ending with Danger Mouse (featuring Run The Jewels and Big Boi), it’s a widely varying and decades-deep pull of music, but which—much like the movie it accompanies—somehow works incredibly well when arranged together. We’re pretty sure the songs appear in the exact same order they’re used in the film, too, though don’t hold us to that. Baby Driver opens June 28, but you can get the soundtrack When it’s released June 23 via Danger Mouse’s own Columbia imprint, 30th Century Records.

Baby Driver soundtrack track list

1. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion—“Bellbottoms”
2. Bob & Earl—“Harlem Shuffle”
3. Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers—“Egyptian Reggae”
4. Googie Rene—“Smokey Joe’s La La”
5. The Beach Boys—“Let’s Go Away For Awhile”
6. Carla Thomas—“B-A-B-Y”
7. Kashmere Stage Band—“Kashmere”
8. Dave Brubeck—“Unsquare Dance”
9. The Damned—“Neat Neat Neat”
10. The Commodores—“Easy (Single Version)“
11. T. Rex—“Debora”
12. Beck—“Debra”
13. Incredible Bongo Band—“Bongolia”
14. The Detroit Emeralds—“Baby Let Me Take You (in My Arms)“
15. Alexis Korner—“Early In The Morning”
16. David McCallum—“The Edge”
17. Martha and the Vandellas—“Nowhere To Run”
18. The Button Down Brass—“Tequila”
19. Sam & Dave—“When Something Is Wrong With My Baby”
20. Brenda Holloway—“Every Little Bit Hurts”
21. Blur—“Intermission”
22. Focus—“Hocus Pocus (Original Single Version)“
23. Golden Earring—“Radar Love (1973 Single Edit)“
24. Barry White—“Never, Never Gone Give Ya Up”
25. Young MC—“Know How”
26. Queen—“Brighton Rock”
27. Sky Ferreira—“Easy”
28. Simon & Garfunkel—“Baby Driver”
29. Kid Koala—“Was He Slow (Credit Roll Version)“
30. Danger Mouse (featuring Run The Jewels and Big Boi)—“Chase Me”