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Ellen Page to star in Netflix's goth superhero show Umbrella Academy

(Photo: Getty Images, Sonia Recchia)

Earlier this year, Netflix announced that it would be supplementing its Marvel superhero shows with an adaptation of Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá’s Dark Horse superhero comic The Umbrella Academy, and now the show has found one of its stars. As reported by Variety, Ellen Page has joined the cast as Vanya, the “black sheep” of the super family that the series revolves around. The series, like the original comic, is about a group of former superhero kids who have mostly grown up to be kind of damaged by the things they experienced. After years apart, they all reunite to solve the mysterious death of their father. There’s a guy with a gorilla body, a woman who can make anything she says become the truth, a little boy who travels through time.

Vanya, Page’s character, is the only one of the siblings without any powers, but she does have a talent for playing the violin. At the risk of spoiling too much, though, you might even say that her violin skills are killer.


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