Which co-star made Emily Blunt want to throw up when they kissed?

Blunt said she's "definitely not enjoyed" some of the love scenes she's shared with her male co-stars. But who made her want to barf?

Which co-star made Emily Blunt want to throw up when they kissed?
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Listen up, gossip fiends! We have another pop culture mystery à la “who made Rebecca Ferguson’s life miserable” and “which talk show host made Freddie Highmore hide in a broom closet” for all of you wannabe Hercule Poirots out there. This one comes from Emily Blunt, who recently lived up to her last name on The Howard Stern Show. “Have you wanted to throw up?” Stern asked the The Fall Guy star about kissing some of her male co-stars on screen (via Variety), to which the actor responded, “Absolutely. Absolutely.”

“I wouldn’t say it’s sort of extreme loathing, but I’ve definitely not enjoyed some of it,” Blunt added. “I have had chemistry with people who… I have not had a good time working with them.”

Which of course begs the question: who made Emily Blunt want to throw up? The Oscar-nominated actor declined to name any names, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make a few guesses of our own. Without further ado, here are some potential candidates for Emily Blunt’s least favorite on-screen kiss, ranked from least to most likely.

John Krasinski—A Quiet Place

We really hope it’s not this one, for what should be obvious reasons—namely, that the two actors were and still are married. If this somehow was the case, Blunt should probably be airing her grievances in couple’s therapy rather than with Howard Stern.

Matt Damon—The Adjustment Bureau; Oppenheimer

Damon and Blunt shared a kiss on the set of their 2011 thriller, The Adjustment Bureau, and have clearly been great friends ever since. They’re well known for teasing each other in interviews as if they were siblings, and both went on to star in Oppenheimer last year. It’s hard to imagine the two would have maintained such a great relationship if Blunt felt pukey at the sight of her co-star in the first place, but there’s a small chance that their brother-sister dynamic came on so fast that even that initial kiss felt gross. Their Oppenheimer characters definitely didn’t have any sort of romantic subplot, so we may never really know.

Benicio Del Toro—Sicario; The Wolfman

Del Toro is ranked highly for some of the same reasons as Damon. He and Blunt played lovers in 2010's The Wolfman, before again joining forces (with no kissing this time) in 2015's Sicario. While the lack of a love scene could be seen as damning evidence, based on what little information we have it seems relatively safe to assume Blunt would not have rushed to work with someone she didn’t have a good time with all over again.

Ryan Gosling—The Fall Guy

Blunt and Gosling have some undeniable chemistry in The Fall Guy, in which they star as a first-time director and insecure stuntman, respectively. Yes, Blunt explicitly said chemistry wasn’t everything, but it’s really hard to believe that this particular connection was followed by a round of dry-heaving. Plus, Blunt called Gosling “a delight” and “the easiest to be around” in an interview with Britain’s Hello! Magazine (via Yahoo! Movies), in which she also referred to working with him as “effortlessly fun” and “heaven.” That feels like it pretty much seals the deal.

Cillian Murphy—Oppenheimer

Cillian Murphy is very hot and very talented, but the truth is he simply hasn’t had close to as many on-screen kissing scenes as some of the other people on this list. Maybe he needs a little more practice. Plus, as a colleague who shall remain anonymous duly noted, he kind of looks like the type of person who would eat sardines for lunch. Bad breath could certainly be a factor here.

Dwayne Johnson—Jungle Cruise

Blunt said she “loved” the Rock in the same Howard Stern interview that inspired all of this, but… the dude also allegedly pees in water bottles and hands them off to his assistants to deal with. Watching that would turn even the strongest of stomachs.

Jason Segel—The Five-Year Engagement

Jason Segel has done a million rom-coms. This may be wishful thinking on our part, but we have to assume that would make him at least a little bit skilled in the art of the on-screen kiss. Still, Segel’s How I Met Your Mother co-star Alyson Hannigan has said she hated kissing her fictional husband because he smokes. More specifically, she said it was “like kissing an ashtray” (via DigitalSpy) which certainly doesn’t sound fun for anyone involved.

Tom Cruise—Edge Of Tomorrow

Would you want to make out with the guy who inspired the Nicole Kidman divorce photos? Neither would we.

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