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Everyone has cool new threads in these Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker preview images

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The next Star Wars movie is just over a month away, and Entertainment Weekly has released a new batch of preview images showing thrilling, context-free images of our favorite space heroes in action—though most of these photos don’t involve “action” so much as “posing,” but there’s only so much you can do in a picture from a sci-fi movie. There’s something far more interesting about these photos than poses, though, and it’s something that Disney’s sequels have been pretty good about so far: fashion! That’s right, instead of trying to make baseless predictions about what’s going to happen in Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker, let’s talk about the hot trends this season in the Star Wars galaxy.


For starters, capes are in. Not only does newcomer Naomi Ackie’s Jannah have a cape there in her shot with Finn, but the Snowtroopers in another photo are all loaded up for a proper winter sleigh ride in their stylish white floor-length numbers. Capes have always had a presence in Star Wars fashion, but it’s a shame that they didn’t full come back until after Captain Phasma died. Also, Rey is back in an all-white… robe thing, indicating that she’s more confident than ever in her faith in the light side of the Force (she wore a lot of gray in the last movie, because Star Wars has never been especially subtle). The red strap in her hand is probably a blindfold, but it would give her a nice pop of color if she stuffed it into one of her many arm bands or something. As for the big group shot, Poe seems to be going for a “third act Indiana Jones” thing, after he’s had to ditch his jacket and is just a dude in a shirt. Finn is the real star, wearing the hell out of those blue pants. His pose is a little similar to Poe’s (we refuse to rephrase that), but we’re here to talk about fashion, not address any concerns you may pose about Poe’s pose.

That’s all we’ve got from Twitter, but EW has a few more photos that (mostly) aren’t as interesting. There’s one of Poe flying the Millennium Falcon (with no Porgs in sight), one of Kylo ren standing in a big room with some blurry dudes behind him (probably Stormtroopers), one of Rey, Finn, Poe, and Chewie in a dark cave or something, and then… no big deal, nothing special… just Richard E. Grant in a First Order uniform with a phenomenal scowl on his face. It’s pretty rad, but as far as fashion goes, it’s a little bland. Also, his name is General Pryde, which is a bad guy-ass name for a bad guy. You know what’s never in style? Being a bad guy. Get out of here, General Pryde!

The EW link up there has some teases about what to expect from the movie that doesn’t involve fashion, including hints that C-3P0 has a bigger role in this one than in any of the other sequel movies and that both Finn and Poe get a chance to be more present in the action than they were in The Last Jedi. Hopefully they’ll all get capes.