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First teaser for Netflix's Lost In Space reboot refuses to show off the robot

When Netflix first announced that it was developing a reboot of classic ‘60s sci-fi show Lost In Space way back in 2015, surely everyone’s first thought (after “why?”) was “I wonder what the robot will look like.” It’s not that the largely immobile hunk of campy machinery was the most important part of the original series’ plot, but his existence was still the most iconic thing about the show. Unfortunately, this teaser for Netflix’s new Lost In Space series doesn’t give us the one thing we want to see, focusing instead on the boring human family as they board a spaceship for what will surely be a routine interstellar adventure.


Thankfully, the trailer does end on a tease of the robot’s famous catchphrase, though its voice sounds a bit more like a Decepticon than it used to, so maybe he’ll transform into a cassette player when he does finally show up.

Anyway, the show will premiere on Netflix on April 13.

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