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Since the critical success of Wreck-It Ralph, we've been waiting to see just how much more of Pixar’s influence would be seen in films from its parent company Disney. And while the trailer above for Frozen is typically frenetic, kids-movie stuff, there's an alternate trailer—a wordless, playful scene involving a snowman trying to outmaneuver a moose—that would fit right in alongside Pixar's animated shorts. So, there's at least a little of that magic there.


But in the main preview clip, Disney plays to the one strength it still has over Pixar: female leads, in this case a magical girl who plunges her land into winter, and her little sister (Kirsten Bell) who has to set things right. Based on Hans Christian Andersen's The Snow Queen, the movie also stars the voices of Glee's Jonathan Groff as the mountain man who helps and flirts with Bell, Idina Menzel as the snow-happy sister, and Josh Gad as the snowman. Frozen is co-directed by Chris Buck (Surf's Up), and Ralph screenwriter Jennifer Lee (who also wrote the screenplay here) and hits theaters the day before Thanksgiving.

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