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Good night, Austin Rogers, sweet prince of Jeopardy!

When last we wrote about Austin Rogers, Jeopardy!’s latest star, we forecasted a heel turn for the sassy brainiac, one which would find his subtle smarm curdling into overt disdain for the plebeian challengers. But, alas, this isn’t professional wrestling, and Rogers was a true gentlemen when his 12-game winning streak—the fifth highest in the series’ run—came to an end. “Stay-at-home mom” Scarlett Simms dethroned Rogers, beating him by just a paltry sum of $51.

Rogers offered his congratulations on Twitter:


No, that’s not a sugar cookie with Scarlett’s name on it. It’s actually a makeup pad, as Rogers revealed on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and we’re sure it will grow used to Rogers’ fist shaking in its general direction. And here’s something else interesting: Rogers and Fallon actually know each other, as the talk show host was once a frequent presence at Rogers’ bar, where he no doubt tried to ruffle Rogers’ floofy grey mane.

His appearance, which you can watch above, is a fun one, though Fallon makes him dress like a ‘70s-era pimp for some Fallonian reason. The highlight, however, is Rogers’ theory that Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek is actually a hologram. “He doesn’t exist off that stage, man. He comes down when the lights come on, he leaves when the lights are off … he’s like with Tupac and Michael Jackson walking across the hologram stage.”

Rogers can probably afford to buy his own hologram now, as he left the show with $411,000 in winnings and a slot on the upcoming Tournament of Champions. One can only wonder what magic will happen when you put him and Ken Jennings in the same room.

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